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Beyond the thin film of life exists a dimension feared by the living since the dawn of time, an unavoidable world for us all, a world terrorised by monsters ... one a man whose reputation strikes fear by name alone, the other a beast of unstoppable power.

When Bethany and her two young sons are killed by a head-on collision with a bus she finds herself forced into a battle of survival in a world overrun by lawless legions of the dead who revel in the soulless anarchy of the dark side.

The time has come to join the crusade against forces of evil beyond the eye of God. Hold tightly to the promised immortality of your soul to see beyond that of corruption, temptation and the powers of darkness, or be lost forever … to the dark side.

Bethany's Survival Guide
to the Dark Side

Bethany's Survival Guide to the Dark Side

On the dark side, you don’t have to settle for the way you were alive, as you can imagine, that has changed, dramatically. Death can be a breakthrough experience where you can escalate your life experience to a higher level, pushing the potential of your next existence beyond all your dreams so that you can enjoy your next life with joy, love, and success.

Utilising the quantum physics of the dark side requires a huge leap of faith, as it has staggering implications regarding you, and the potential of your next life. Being dead is the chance for you to permanently reframe your ideas about the universe and how you fit into it, raising your potential exponentially as a human being.
You might understand quantum mechanics in the living world, whereas particles make atmospheric jumps without effort because molecules are pliable, malleable atoms of energy. Invariably, the use of quantum mechanics is not a complex or intricate manoeuvre only achievable within the realms of the dead, its hidden logic exists right here, in the dimension of the living. Using the quantum physics in any dimension can deliver those special dreams and ambitions that you instinctively feel should be yours. If you’re smart, you can utilise the quantum physics on the dark side to amplify who and what you are when you inevitably return top side.

If you consider yourself actually intelligent, you could begin to use them now.

The dark side of the moon is when it is critical for you to start focusing on the all the wonderful possibilities of life, rather than its limits or obstacles. The quantum physics of the dark side can double your level of success in the next life, even triple it… or even go beyond figures. Human beings are an extremely powerful element of every realm of existence, alive or dead, our only real limits are our artificial mental boundaries.

Atmospheric travel

To learn how to move through the atmosphere you will need to think beyond what common sense would allow, suspend disbelief, rely on unseen forces, and ignore the conventional ... for it is only then, with god’s permission, that your body matter can become the high velocity formula required for atmospheric travel.
In order to make atmospheric jumps, you must learn to tolerate confusion, uncertainty and chaos. When making the jump, you’re not meant to be concerned about what happens in the middle of the jump… you’re supposed to be thinking about where you’re going to land. In this world, or the next, the unseen forces of quantum physics are phantom powers that cannot be explained. They operate through your subconscious mind, mental imagery, and intuition. If you have a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be, the unseen forces will rally to your support, and you will fly, absorbing the energy of the universe as you go and land more powerful than you ever imagined you could be.
However, if the life you just led was inherently bad, you can forget about making the jump, simply put, the atmosphere will not let you in, we assume that it is just God’s way of tipping the odds. So if you find yourself unable to travel this way, you need to focus on survival, you need to learn how to fight.

Dark side combat

Now, you might think that you have what it takes, hell, you’ve got a black belt in karate… but when it comes to survival a tactic or technique must be simple — easy to learn, easy to do, based on gross motor skills and feasible under stress when your cognition and fine physical capabilities tend to deteriorate. If something isn’t simple in training, it isn’t going to get easier on the streets of the dark side.

Most martial arts, especially the traditional ones, like karate are essentially stylistic and ritualized forms of fighting that were never designed to handle the horrors and rigors of street violence that takes place in the dimension of the dead. Forget about all the sophisticated ninja moves you saw in the movies… that shit ain’t going to save you. The key element in a fight is not to move a fraction of an inch unless you absolutely have to because if you want optimum speed and effectiveness, you need to eliminate all unnecessary movement. Movement adds time, and time is the one thing you don’t have in a crisis. If you don’t move fast on the dark side, you’ll most likely end up in the harbour with cement shoes.

People break their fingers all the time by punching people, but there is no record of anyone breaking an arm or a leg striking with an elbow or knee. You might think that a broken finger or two won’t matter much on the dark side, we all know that come midnight, you’ll be all fixed. However, having an injury can put you at serious risk of being permanently taken care of, and that is something that you should avoid at all costs. Elbow and knees are your emergency sledgehammers. These parts of your body can produce the most powerful, hardest-hitting strikes possible. You need to develop a dynamic weight shift, including a strong hip rotation, so that your entire body (not just your knee or elbow alone) goes into the blow. In most combat situations, you should drive your elbow primarily into your opponent’s chest, but if it’s a deadly force situation and you are unarmed, you can direct your strikes to the neck and head. With knee strikes, aim for the area above the groin to knock the wind out of him, the blow will deplete his oxygen and affect his performance. Delivering these strikes presents the least risk of injury.

Self-defence skills

On the dark side, you must be prepared to handle a myriad of attacks - from an emotionally disturbed person (more commonly called permanent residents) to a crazed knife or gun attacker high on drugs or alcohol. Following are some defensive street techniques:


When a punch comes towards your face, slide back and block it with your open front hand, and proceed by quickly grabbing the attacking wrist with your blocking hand while forcefully slamming and grabbing the throat of your opponent with your free hand. At the same time, swiftly step behind your opponent and trip him backwards over your leg.

Hand to hand combat

Try wristlocks or arm locks, anything that enables you to twist the appendage either behind their back or into a painful position so that you can gain control.

Knife defence

Use one arm to force the direction of the jab away whilst using the other to punch them either in the throat or in the face.

Gun disarming

Unless you wish to quit at this point, you must instantly move in at speed, forcing the arm holding the gun beyond you as you elbow them in the face.

Fighting several attackers

Defence - Try to avoid being caught in a triangle between multiple attackers, if you become surrounded you will lose, and fast.

Attack first - It is nearly impossible to defend yourself from multiple attackers; you need to be the first to act.

Go after the leader - Groups of attackers on the Dark side will have a known leader. Try to draw this person into a one-on-one fight or attack him first. If he is down, the rest of the group is likely to let you escape.

Always know where all of your opponents are - Even if you’re fighting one of them, you should know where the other opponents are and be ready to face them as soon as come at you. Do not just blindly fight without observing your surroundings, or you will quickly be outwitted. Once one or more opponents have their hands on you, you are in deep trouble and will be unable to defend yourself.

Keep your attackers in a line in front of you - By backing away from them, you should be able to keeping your attackers in a line so that you can attack each person without being exposed to attack by others. Take many small, quick steps with your feet to stay agile and evasive.

Weapons - Drawing a weapon may end the fight before it begins or equalise things if the other side is also armed. But if you don’t know how to use a gun, or a knife in an attack situation know that your weapon may end up being turned against you.

Target weak spots - You need to reduce your attackers numerical advantage by any means necessary so target weak spots such as the throat, the groin, the knees, and solar plexus. Anything that will knock the air out and disorient your opponents for a short time is always an advantage.

Fight dirty - There is no shame in using your teeth, knees and or nails. Pride will cost you your life. Do not be afraid to go feral.

Escape as soon as you can - Sooner than later, you are going to have to escape. If you’re having trouble making an atmospheric jump, then remember these fighting tips.


If there is dirt or sand nearby, throw it in your attacker’s face. It will cause immediate blindness and give you a chance to run.

Never go to the ground. You will be overwhelmed and stomped into submission within seconds if you do. Stay on your feet and continue to fight back at all costs.

If you do end up on the ground, it is likely they will try to stomp or kick you repeatedly. This is difficult to stop and very dangerous, so protect your head by placing your arms around it in the brace position and use your feet, it’s easier to hit your attackers in the groin with your feet. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, grab someone’s leg and take him or her down.

Make lots of noise. You are not as likely to be killed on the dark side if someone else knows what is happening. Remember, there are always people around who want to ‘move on’.

Final thoughts

As tempting as it may seem, the land of the dead is not a place that you want to be for long. Being willing to do what it takes to ‘move on’ is essential to surviving on the dark side. No matter what the situation, if you are not willing to do what it takes at the moment of truth your soul could be rendered worthless, and you will become beast meat. You must be willing to do anything to be reborn, whilst your top side keep yourself in shape, stay alert, and work your mind into acting decisively and emphatically when you need to — no matter which dimension you find yourself in, it is all a part of survival.

And if you tempted to become a permeant resident, specifically identify what you are going to be sacrificing if you give up on being reborn. What do you love most of all in this amazing beautiful world — and why? Is it the love of a child, your future spouse, falling in love, listening to the birds at sunrise? Focus on something essential that you loved about life. Feel the full emotion of losing that, and embed that feeling in your mind.

Often, it is not just you affected by your survival. We are all part of an intricate web, our lives interwoven together to format the foundation of the future universe, who knows what might happen if you quit. Bring that emotion to your training and to the streets of the dead, and that will give you the fighting spirit you need in a crisis.

The key element is always quantum physics. Think about all the people of whom you have had contact with in the past, the close, and the distant, because once your atoms mix, you are permanently bonded. The strength of which is directly correspondent to repeated contact. No matter the strength however, the bond will always exist, and like that of an elastic band, those people will rebound in your thoughts, and your life. The stronger the connection, the more likely it is that you will be together in every life, bonded forever by your very atoms.

My last piece of advice is to take a moment to seriously consider the life that you are leading now, because everything that spawns thereafter is simply like that of a rock thrown into a calm lake. If your soul is weighted with sin, it will sink into oblivion, or at the very least, you could be like Ray, and be reborn in Uganda, forced to learn how to appreciate even the simple things. Think now, and live your life doing the right thing. That is the only true way to survive.